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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Man, A Woman, & Their Trophies

With my own marriage in the rear view mirror, I felt vicarious joy viewing recent photos of an old friend, now in his mid-sixties and his much younger wife. A naysayer might sniff: What unmitigated trophyism--even the enchantress has one to display.  I say, why spite an honest celebration of fitness (in a Darwinian sense)? After all, we're likely witnessing DNA that will keep on giving in the domains of  huntin', rappellin' or whatever for generations to come.

The blogger's genetic legacy:
 DNA for angling, DNA for taxidermy
My own genetic legacy might well involve angling. That, however, got off to a shaky start.  I remember when Dad and I (at age eight) tried our luck on shore from an unyielding bluff on the Cape. Two hours into it and without so much as a bite, I went for the fences with a mighty cast that disappeared into a swirl of wind. After my consummately bald father extracted the hook from his pate, we called it a day. He and I never again fished together, but I soldiered on over the years, hooking a variety of less complaining trophies. 

For 2012, then, Happy New Years from Wig & Pen and best wishes for the dissemination of DNA for huntin', fishin', and, of course, humorous self-deprecation.


Lew Spratlan said...

You are your own trophy, of course. Happy New Year.
Lew S.

Wig & Pen said...

Spiritually, yes.

Physically, yes minus 10 years.

Happy New Year--Yes


Unknown said...

Lou, very entertaining, I found some time to laugh, in the midst of my grief for my mother who past away late last week.

Happy 2012 to you